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Introducing Michael Dong...

Born in China but having made the United Kingdom his home since 2002, Michael is a supremely motivated property investment expert, entrepreneur, multiple business owner and wealth creator with his own highly individual approach both to business and to life.

What really sets Michael apart in the world of property investment is his pure passion and desire to always look at the bigger picture to find the most creative solution to every challenge. It’s this attitude that has seen him deliver millions of pounds in revenue to his investors since establishing Investar Investments Ltd and Investar Property Solutions Ltd in 2008.

Making connections, crossing continents

Always looking forward, Michael is constantly seeking new investors both at home and abroad who will share his vision and passion to both find and create new opportunities for exciting and financially rewarding property investments and developments.

Educated in both China and the UK, Michael has a deep understanding of both cultures and is well versed in how business works across the continents. His long-standing links in both countries also mean that he has a network of contacts beyond compare.

Investing in success

Michael's warm personality and enthusiasm for his chosen field is infectious, leading to many of his investors becoming not just business partners but lasting friends. That's probably because he also invests his time in getting to know every client and developing an understanding of who they are, what they do and exactly what they want to achieve with their investments.

Achieving higher levels

In Michael's own words, he wants to, "work on a higher level, inspire leaders and share my vision with people on a mission to succeed."

If that approach to doing business and that quest for success appeals to you, then you should contact Michael Dong today. We feel sure you’ll enjoying working together.

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